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Bob and the Smiggle Colour Lab!

For weeks now the loveable Bob has graced our facebook page with his cheeky attitude and airborne eyebrows . We all fell in love with his  antics and where excited to find him “bobbing” around in the Smiggle Colour Lab. The official Smiggle App- Bob and the Smiggle Colour Lab –  recently hit the iTunes […]

What’s a Smigglescape?

We love nothing better than making up new words at Smiggle. Here’s one we just made up for our latest Colour Crews competition SMIG-GLE-SCAPE (noun) The visual appearance of a city, town, landmark or urban area made out of smiggle products; a smigglescape! But wait! The creativity doesn’t stop there (hehe). We gathered round for […]

If this tree could be in a colour crew it’d be in….

…. NOT GREEN! How’s this for getting creative with your Christmas tree? We stumbled upon this PINK tree in a store window in St Kilda and instantly thought, if this tree could join a Colour Crew, it would totally join PINK. What crazy and kooky things are you doing with your tree this year? We’ve […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

   It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Lately, we’ve had our notebooks and pens ‘at the ready’. Ready, that is, to jot down all the pressies we need to organise for this Christmas. So with the festive season on the brain, we asked the crew in the Smiggle office what their pens were […]

whats your favourite colour song? heres ours!

We’re still a little colour crazy here at HQ and have been inspired by the Colour Crews competition and all your amazing entries! So we have been trying to think of all the songs that feature colour in them. With a little help from staff members and our fabulous Smigglers on Facebook, we’ve managed to […]

spot the smurf

so we had a little competition at HQ today to celebrate the launch of our next big colour crews competition. everyone had to come dressed in their colour crew colour. there were pink nails, green eyeshadow, purple earrings, blue stockings and everything in between. we took some happy snaps and now we’re going to load […]

what does your colour crew say about you?

smiggle HQ is getting right into Colour Crews and it looks like you guys are too – the response has been MASSIVE! we did a scan of the office and blue is leading the way with seven blue hued desks. but never fear there are other crews chasing blue’s tail! there are five purple people, […]

we’re working with… IMOK

so one of the really great things about working at smiggle is that you always stumble across some really fun and creative people! recently we met two lovely gals that go by the name of IMOK! they’re handy with a pen and pencil, not to mention a computer and so we asked them to design […]