Bob and the Smiggle Colour Lab!

For weeks now the loveable Bob has graced our facebook page with his cheeky attitude and airborne eyebrows . We all fell in love with his  antics and where excited to find him “bobbing” around in the Smiggle Colour Lab. The official Smiggle App- Bob and the Smiggle Colour Lab –  recently hit the iTunes store and raced to be the top rated puzzle app this school holidays.


You asked for it Smigglers and we made it ! So many of our fans have enjoyed helping Bob explore the colour lab and find his friends to unlock Smiggle secrets along the way. The big question is … where did Bob come from ? Working hard for months developing Bob and the infamous lab, Tom (the creative brains) from Visual Jazz dropped by to answer some of our questions and even gave some helpful hints on getting through the levels.

Tell us what is your job title and what do you do?

Mobile developer! I do a lot of programming for iPhone and Android.. and other things.

How did you get into such a great, creative job?

A little bit of luck. I remember when I interviewed here (Visual Jazz) and the guy interviewing me was wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt. That was when I knew it was the place for me. I’ve also been programming and making things just for fun (yeah I’m a nerd) for what feels like forever – since I was in early high school I guess.

What kind of things did you work on in the making of Bob & the Smiggle Colour Lab?

Pretty much all of the game play programming, user interface, physics, etc. I spent a fair bit of time trying to get the physics right, and then just focused on making it easy for us to create heaps of levels.

What was the funniest part of the process?

I got to play the game every day for weeks. That was pretty awesome!

And the hardest?

Probably having to leave out some cool ideas that we built, but they weren’t quite good enough, or because we wanted to save them for later. We have lots more ideas for the colour lab :-)… stay tuned

What is your top insider tip for making it through the levels of the colour lab ?

Momentum is a pretty key concept. Also try to look at all of the elements in the level. Very rarely is there something there that isn’t intended to be used – so if you get stuck take a step back and look at all the tools available to you.

Finally If you could hang out with bob for the day what would you do ?

I’d ask him where he found all those sweet costumes!

So if you are looking for a friend these school holidays that’s  guaranteed to play for hours on end then Bob is your guy and he can’t wait to be your friend ! Download Smiggle’s Official App from the iTunes store today 

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