dust of those passports…

there aren’t too many places we would rather be when it comes to working in the smiggle lab, with its colourful samples and mountains of drawings … it has to be best the place to work. when the team aren’t at work creating the endless ranges you see in store we are dreaming of our favourite places. sometimes it’s a little escape to the country or a full round the world jaunt with our best friends and back pack in tow. we did a little research in the office to find out the teams favourite places (other than the smiggle lab) and what keeps them coming back… here is what we found.

Tom, General Manager.

Africa, for it’s wild animals, amazing coast lines and interesting and vibrant people.

Natalie, VM Coordinator.

Waterbom park, Bali….. So much fun! And the place is incredible !

Tony, Artistic Director.

my favourite place is an imaginary world in my head…hmm

Carla, Graphic Designer.

Pompidou Centre’ in Paris – a HUGE building with a very modern, industrial exterior. it’s the ‘hub’ of all things arty!

Julia, Product Coordinator.  

Bali. i love the people, the culture, the arts, the climate, the shopping and the many, many shades of green you find in nature.

Ben, Market Planning Manager.

Barcelona, beautiful gothic streets just off Las Rumblas that you can explore to find courtyards surrounded by cafes.

Chantelle, National VM Manager.

fav place so far…. Paris! beautiful city and amazing shopping.


Tim, Senior Designer.

i’ve been to Japan, Germany, France, UK, USA, Maldives, Indonesia, Singapore and best place by far is . . . Melbourne!

with school holidays’ coming up there is no doubt going to be a lot of family holidays, adventures and traveling happening very soon. so here’s to the next adventure, with so many corners of the world to explore…. how many will you visit this holidays?


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    why should we respect the envirment? we sould respect the envirment because if we drop rubbish in the sea lots of animals could die

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