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Our good friends at the Foundation of Youth Development are at it again! Their biggest annual event is taking place this weekend at 6 beautiful locations throughout New Zealand, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world! Our teams are participating in the walk, to help raise money & awareness for disadvantaged kiwi kids, are you too?

Here’s what one of our keen Smigglers had to say about TBW last year!

Hi Larissa, why don’t you start by letting Smiglers know who you are and how you participated in The Big Walk last year!

Hi! I’ve been a Smiggle Store Manager since 2008 when Smiggle first opened in NZ. Last year Smigglers from my Lower Hutt store (and even a few of our Mums!) attended FYD’s Big Walk. We turned up in costume to show off our creative spirit and to ensure the 10KM walk was a colourful one.

What was your fave part about doing TBW last year?

It was an exciting experience from beginning to end! FYD put on a fun dance routine as a warm up exercise before the walk, there were challenging obstacles at various points along the way and the cheers and celebrations as we crossed the finish line from all those involved were just amazing to hear and see. We were so happy to know that we were helping Kiwi kids all around NZ, and having heaps of fun while doing it!

You have to tell us, what was the inspiration behind your outfit?

We wanted something fun, exciting and of course – colourful! A few of the Smigglers went as their favourite Smiggle character from the B2S range, and others, like myself, chose to represent their Colour Crew – I wore purple everything!

Ahh, so you’re a part of the Purple Crew! What’s your favourite purple Smiggle product?

The next goodie on my Wishlist is the Mirror Watch. The perfect answer to all my “I wonder what I look like right now” problems!

How are you going to leave your mark at FYD’s TBW this year?

We will be out this year with bigger and better outfits, and we’re hoping to create a chant to sing while we walk – We’d love for more Smiggle Fans to join us – so come represent your Colour Crew and help support FYD helping kiwi kids! See you there 🙂

Look out for Smiggle this year at the end of each walk. We’ll be there to give you a chance to leave your mark on the event and add a bit of colour to your day!

Can’t make it to a Big Walk? Don’t worry! FYD is also gratefully accepting donations that can be contributed directly to this amazing event! Jump onto our charity page to learn more about the ways you can help FYD!

And remember, everyone deserves a bright and colourful future!

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