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It’s crunch time! The start of school or work is only days away so now’s the time to get yourself organised for the new year.

Everyone has their own style of setting up their workspaces, but we’ve compiled some of our tips and tricks for a tidy and smigglified start to 2012.

Jotters are one of the key essentials for any of our Smiggle desks! They’re the perfect size to have sitting next to your mouse or phone, and are great for jotting down ideas or jobs to do in a hurry! We also love to leave a jotter next to our beds, so when you have those great late night ideas you can quickly scribble it down.

Pull out a highlighter and create yourself a unique colour coding system to keep on top of all the papers on your desk! to do, follow up, sign here, don’t forget… so many options… so many colours!!

Take your colour matching to the extreme and colour code your different subjects or projects with matching folders and books to help quickly spot what you need for each class or job. Green for English, Blue for History, Purple for Maths… even one for doodling in!

We hope you’re feeling colourfully inspired and ready to take on 2012. Share some of your tips with us too?

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    cool i want some

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