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The countdown to xmas is on! Hopefully you’ve ticked off all the prezzies on your list, but have you stopped to think about what you’re after this Christmas? We asked the team here at H/O to jot down their wildest wishes for this year. And there seemed to be a common theme … can you pick it?

Min in our product team can’t wait for xmas morning. She has her fingers crossed for a Chow Chow puppy, the perfect addition to her family! Did you know all chow chow’s have blue tongues? We’re inducting all Chow Chow’s into the Blue Colour Crew now.



Carla from our Design team, who is sometimes referred to as a crazy cat lady, is hoping for another little kitten. She already has a gorgeous grey cat called Bridge but the more the merrier!



Chantelle, Smiggle’s Visual Merchandising extraordinaire is hoping that the next Melbourne Cup winner will be huddled under her tree this year! Horses are an awesome animal but not the easiest pet to look after.



Andreea from our product team had such a tough time picking between all her fave furry friends that asking for a zoo seemed like the best option! She’s taking Carla to the next level with the more the merrier!



It seems like the team took quite a literal approach when we asked them what their WILDEST wish was for this xmas. So it makes us wonder what furry creatures will make it onto smiggle product in the New Year. Any guesses? Here’s a sneak peek at some that already feature on our newest ranges We hope you go wild for it.

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  1. animals
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    this is my wildest animal i would like a big panda head thats black and white thats so furry with a long giraffe neck thats yellow and has a leopard skin tahts what i would like i know its only imagination but imagination is the max level!

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