Grab a colourful tool and get that story out at the MWF

This year Smiggle has combined creative powers with the Melbourne Writers Festival’s Schools’ Program. The Schools’ Program features some of the most exciting writing for children and young adults from Australia and beyond. The students will explore history, delve into the world of science, be challenged by graphic novels, arrested by poetry and wowed by our Smiggle creative flare… YAY!!!

Smiggle has gone behind the scenes and done a Q & A with Jenny Niven, the Program Manager for the festival. Here’s what she had to say:

Jenny Niven - MWF Program Manager

What does your job involve?

The Melbourne Writers Festival is a huge project, which involves over 400 guests, in 300 events, in 10 days. If you’ve ever arranged a birthday party or an after school club or helped out at someone’s wedding, you’ll know what that’s like – multiply that by about 300 and you’ll get my job!

I arrange all of the guests (writers, poets, artists, playwrights, musicians, models – whatever we need!) for the festival, from working with the festival committees and the director to choose who to invite, to making sure our programming and artist liaison teams get the people to turn up at the right time on the right day.

I also plan what everyone will be doing in the festival – which books they’ll be presenting, which are the hot topics they’ll be exploring, who the perfect audience is for each event, as well as choosing whether each particular event should be a very serious discussion or a big rowdy party. For instance, if we’re having a quiet workshop for 10 people we shouldn’t host it at the giant Melbourne Town Hall, or when we want 500 people to come to our Opening Night Party and have a really fun, noisy time, we probably shouldn’t host it in a library. So I make lots of the decisions about that kind of thing too.

What do you love most about the event?

I love getting so many creative people all in the one place, over a short burst of time, to talk about books and share ideas and work together on the things that really excite them! It’s a busy, hectic time but that makes it a lot of fun too. I meet some great people in my job, especially writers’ whose books I really love, so that’s definitely one of the highlights.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

The schools program! We’ve got 50 brilliant writers coming to the Schools Program this year, including Emily Rodda, Maggie Stiefvater, Andy Griffiths and Dr Karl – its going to be brilliant.

What were your first thoughts when you heard there would be a Smiggle session at the event?
I thought, AMAZING! Our students are going to love this.

What’s your favourite Smiggle product and why?

Definitely the Wizz Bang Hole Punch.

What makes you smile and giggle?

The word Smiggle and all of it’s colourful stationery.

So now you know a little more about the event and the inspired team behind it that brings all of the creativity together.

If you’re attending the event or are out and about in Melbourne, don’t forget to check out the free Smiggle ‘Full Stop’ activity space where you trial some of the latest Smiggle goodies, sign up to our website and receive a Smiggle treat. We’ll be set up between 9am-12pm on Monday 29th August until Thursday 1st September at the Federation Square Atrium, so drop by, grab a colourful tool and get that story out 🙂

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