Smiggle and uDraw join forces

Some of you trendy tech heads may have already seen or heard about the latest wii accessory ‘uDraw’. For those of you who haven’t, it’s an awesome new tablet that plugs into your wii and allows you to get creative in a world of digital streams. It’s launching this week and we’ve been lucky enough to trial it out. Even better than that, we’ve been able to set-up some spesh events at Smiggle stores so YOU can trial it too. Be one of the first by visting these stores THIS WEEKEND: Doncaster VIC and Bondi NSW this Sat between11am-2pm and Fountain Gate VIC and Miranda NSW this Sun between 11am-2pm. There’ll be a uDraw up for grabs at each store + 25% off our pen packs during the event too- so you can get creative offline and online!

But if you don’t believe our hype, then suss out what Nina (the designer of our latest Art of Smiggle range), thought of uDraw when she reviewed it this week…lucky thing 🙂

What was your favourite thing about uDraw?

It was really fun to use! I think it opens up a new world of possibility for drawing in video games. I like how it encourages drawing to be more social. I sometimes find that drawing can be quite an individual activity, but with with the uDraw you can get together with friends and show off your skills.

Did you find uDraw easy to use?

It’s definitely something that anyone could pick up quickly. Plus the more you use it, the more detailed you can get with your drawing.

What did you have the most fun doing?

I had the most fun checking out all the different tools you could use to draw. It’s got a crazy amount of variety. Because it has so many different brushes and textures, it was fun to just play around and experiment. Keep this quiet but I also loved the colouring in activities, I coloured in a purple cat just like the cheshire cat from Alice and Wonderland.

Who would you recommend this to and why?

I think this tablet would be good for anyone who enjoys being creative. It has great activities for beginners like colouring-in but also a vast variety of more advanced skills and technical elements for someone who is at a more professional level. 

Well there you have it, one of the first uDraw trials and Q and A’s done in Australia by our very own Smiggler, Nina. Don’t forget to come and trial it yourself this weekend, and make the most of our ‘25% off pen packs’ special during the event. See ya there!  


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    hey my guys on the rig i ones rxtend my gratitude to you all i love u all

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