Monthly Archives: December 2010

What’s a Smigglescape?

We love nothing better than making up new words at Smiggle. Here’s one we just made up for our latest Colour Crews competition SMIG-GLE-SCAPE (noun) The visual appearance of a city, town, landmark or urban area made out of smiggle products; a smigglescape! But wait! The creativity doesn’t stop there (hehe). We gathered round for […]

A couple of easy ways to Smiggle up your Christmas!

Every year we grab a pen and paper to let Santa know what we want for Christmas. Olivia from HQ decided to step it up a notch this year and not just tell Santa, but also all of her neighbours too. She’s desperate for an ipod touch so let’s keep our fingers crossed that she […]

If this tree could be in a colour crew it’d be in….

…. NOT GREEN! How’s this for getting creative with your Christmas tree? We stumbled upon this PINK tree in a store window in St Kilda and instantly thought, if this tree could join a Colour Crew, it would totally join PINK. What crazy and kooky things are you doing with your tree this year? We’ve […]