Monthly Archives: July 2010

alexaan’s mac

okay we couldn’t help but share this. alexaan works at our smiggle store in southland and has a major ‘thing’ for our smiggle skins machine. so much so, she decided to give her mac a smiggle makeover. even though our smiggle skin machine doesn’t currently make skins for macs, she bought a heap of skins and went […]

Tim meet everyone, everyone meet Tim!

on July 12th Ruby told us she’d love to work at smiggle one day. while you think about the exciting career ahead of you Ruby, we thought we’d profile one of our team members this week. everyone, meet Tim. Tim, meet everyone! Tim, what do you do at Smiggle? as a senior graphic designer my […]

hi there

so we’ve decided to launch a lil blog … this is the place that you can come to learn more about the people who work at smiggle, the products we’re releasing, and other fun stuff that well… just makes us smiggle. most of all though, this is a place where we can share more info and […]