Bob and the Smiggle Colour Lab!

For weeks now the loveable Bob has graced our facebook page with his cheeky attitude and airborne eyebrows . We all fell in love with his  antics and where excited to find him “bobbing” around in the Smiggle Colour Lab. The official Smiggle App- Bob and the Smiggle Colour Lab –  recently hit the iTunes store and raced to be the top rated puzzle app this school holidays.


You asked for it Smigglers and we made it ! So many of our fans have enjoyed helping Bob explore the colour lab and find his friends to unlock Smiggle secrets along the way. The big question is … where did Bob come from ? Working hard for months developing Bob and the infamous lab, Tom (the creative brains) from Visual Jazz dropped by to answer some of our questions and even gave some helpful hints on getting through the levels.

Tell us what is your job title and what do you do?

Mobile developer! I do a lot of programming for iPhone and Android.. and other things.

How did you get into such a great, creative job?

A little bit of luck. I remember when I interviewed here (Visual Jazz) and the guy interviewing me was wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt. That was when I knew it was the place for me. I’ve also been programming and making things just for fun (yeah I’m a nerd) for what feels like forever – since I was in early high school I guess.

What kind of things did you work on in the making of Bob & the Smiggle Colour Lab?

Pretty much all of the game play programming, user interface, physics, etc. I spent a fair bit of time trying to get the physics right, and then just focused on making it easy for us to create heaps of levels.

What was the funniest part of the process?

I got to play the game every day for weeks. That was pretty awesome!

And the hardest?

Probably having to leave out some cool ideas that we built, but they weren’t quite good enough, or because we wanted to save them for later. We have lots more ideas for the colour lab :-)… stay tuned

What is your top insider tip for making it through the levels of the colour lab ?

Momentum is a pretty key concept. Also try to look at all of the elements in the level. Very rarely is there something there that isn’t intended to be used – so if you get stuck take a step back and look at all the tools available to you.

Finally If you could hang out with bob for the day what would you do ?

I’d ask him where he found all those sweet costumes!

So if you are looking for a friend these school holidays that’s  guaranteed to play for hours on end then Bob is your guy and he can’t wait to be your friend ! Download Smiggle’s Official App from the iTunes store today 

dust of those passports…

there aren’t too many places we would rather be when it comes to working in the smiggle lab, with its colourful samples and mountains of drawings … it has to be best the place to work. when the team aren’t at work creating the endless ranges you see in store we are dreaming of our favourite places. sometimes it’s a little escape to the country or a full round the world jaunt with our best friends and back pack in tow. we did a little research in the office to find out the teams favourite places (other than the smiggle lab) and what keeps them coming back… here is what we found.

Tom, General Manager.

Africa, for it’s wild animals, amazing coast lines and interesting and vibrant people.

Natalie, VM Coordinator.

Waterbom park, Bali….. So much fun! And the place is incredible !

Tony, Artistic Director.

my favourite place is an imaginary world in my head…hmm

Carla, Graphic Designer.

Pompidou Centre’ in Paris – a HUGE building with a very modern, industrial exterior. it’s the ‘hub’ of all things arty!

Julia, Product Coordinator.  

Bali. i love the people, the culture, the arts, the climate, the shopping and the many, many shades of green you find in nature.

Ben, Market Planning Manager.

Barcelona, beautiful gothic streets just off Las Rumblas that you can explore to find courtyards surrounded by cafes.

Chantelle, National VM Manager.

fav place so far…. Paris! beautiful city and amazing shopping.


Tim, Senior Designer.

i’ve been to Japan, Germany, France, UK, USA, Maldives, Indonesia, Singapore and best place by far is . . . Melbourne!

with school holidays’ coming up there is no doubt going to be a lot of family holidays, adventures and traveling happening very soon. so here’s to the next adventure, with so many corners of the world to explore…. how many will you visit this holidays?


making the champion of smiggle creations…

here in smiggle HQ we’re constantly planning the next creative challenge for the colour crews. in doing so, we ask ourselves – how can we stretch everyone artistically? we try to do it in HQ everyday… sometimes it’s learning a new skill or mastering a new drawing technique, and other times it’s just going crazy with our imagination to think up weird/new/colourful stuff.

have you ever been creatively stumped? not a drop of imagination to spare? our greatest creations in store can come from weeks and even months of ideas. the process of designing a new product, coming up with a new colour crews challenge, or setting up a new display in store can take loads of planning. sometimes it’s like a marathon, other times a sprint. either way, you could sometimes describe our fabbo design team as ‘creative athletes’….always stretching, drawing, imagining and practicing their craft to make the champion of smiggle creations.

so with that in mind, we set some of our product and design team a different kind of challenge. we asked them to create their own smiggle games sporting event. here’s what they came up with. but watch out, this is a spoiler alert for the next colour crews comp… launching monday!

stay tuned…


Who said our jobs here at smiggle HQ weren’t glamorous! Just like the high fashion houses of Paris (ok maybe not quite!) we rounded up the models, sourced the clothes and brought together our latest and greatest products for the  smiggle photo shoot.

Everyone loves an exclusive behind the scenes peek… so here is your ‘back stage pass’ smigglers.  Check out this short video, created on our iPhones, for a sneaky look at some new hot products- hitting a store near you soon!

Colour Crews never looked so good! The photo shoot was a few weeks in the making and flew by in just a day. The team didn’t stop all day, making sure every photo taken was a master piece. Can you believe we took over 500 photos! (that’s a lot of facebook uploading) So we decided to pick our favourites to share with you.

With lots of new stock coming into stores we had an amazing amount of treats to work with! Some are already featured here on our website New In’. Or keep an eye on facebook for more sneak peeks. How many new items did you catch in the video?

Smiggle heads BACK 2 SCHOOL for The Smith Family!

If you had the chance to get down to your local Smiggle store last Friday (27th April) you may have noticed that, SCHOOL WAS IN for our Smigglers! We had a fantastic day heading BACK TO SCHOOL for charity, ditching our black tee’s and dressing up in style school uniform style!

Our good friends at The Smith Family have dubbed April as B2S Day month in Aus, and we couldn’t wait to help spread the word and raise funds for the 30,000 disadvantaged kids that The Smith Family support each year. Funds raised go towards long term support giving young Australians the assistance they need to develop vital life skills, stay engaged in their education and have the best chance to realise their potential.

The B2S Day FUNdraiser had us all reliving our school days (some had to think back a bit further than others!!) to raise money for this great cause and to help disadvantaged Aussie kids transform their lives through education.

This is what you may have seen in stores on Friday!

Smiggle Indooroopilly- QLD


Smiggle Albury -NSW

Smiggle Southland – VIC

Not only did we ask our amazing teams to dress up, we put a call out to all our fans to come and see us in store in their uniforms to show their support for B2S Day as well! Say Cheese !

Smiggle Macarthur Square – NSW

Smiggle Penrith – NSW

We raised over $1600 for our friends at The Smith Family and we couldn’t have made such a great contribution without all of you!

Class dismissed!

we heart mum!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we’re here to help by making this year a Smiggely one for the number one gal in your life!

We’re all looking forward to treating our mum’s this mothers day! We asked around HQ for gift ideas and have made a list of our top picks below.

Stylish Mum

For a mum with a bit of stylish pizzazz, the Mirror Watch will be a welcomed addition to her wardrobe! She’ll look good and be on time with this watch that doubles as a handy mirror. Which colour’s your mums’ fave? ($24.95 AUD)

Tech Savvy Mum

Keep your mum’s ipad nice and snug in its very own ipad case! The soft canvas outer looks great and you can fold it over to create a stand too! ($29.95 AUD)

Organised Mum

For the organized (or maybe we mean forgetful!) lady of the house, this glitter to do list is a must! They’re great for jotting down all those important jobs… don’t forget to add ‘get spoiled on mothers day’ to the top of her list! A great gift for under $10. ($5.95 AUD)


Sentimental Mum

For the mother who’s a softy at heart, why not create your own scrapbook for her! Grab some photos and other fun memories and get creating, then add some colour to your pages with some of Smiggles brightest tools!

We started our scrapbook with an A5 Colour Notebook (which are available in A4 too!) Our fun stickers are a great way to stick your photos and other bits into the scrapbook, and our stencils are an easy way to fill the page if your feeling creatively ‘stumped’!

Scribble your own personal messages to mum with your fave Smiggle tools! We picked inkball pens for a smooth rolling scribble, twin tip markers for the finer details, glitter pens for some sparkle and pencils for some colourful shading!

Happy mums day to all our special mums!!

a big Bear Hug for Jen Hall

When you come down to Smiggle today, you’re sure for a big surprise! We’ve got some new fuzzy friends joining us in stores with the release of our new range, Bear Hugs!

There’s something extra special about these bears too. They were designed by Jen Hall, an RMIT student who entered and won the 2011 graphic design collaboration between Smiggle and RMIT!

But rather than have us tell you about this collaboration, read on to see what winning designer Jen has to say about it all.

Hey Jen, so what were you doing at RMIT when this collaboration came about?

I entered the Smiggle collaboration at the beginning of second year, halfway through a Diploma of Graphic Design at RMIT in Illustration class. The brief was presented by the guys from Smiggle and we all set to work trying to think of a new theme and style for the next big range. I was very surprised to be picked for the top group of designs when we presented our work at Smiggle HQ. I was even more surprised to be selected as the final winner.

What was your inspiration behind Bear Hugs?

I really wanted to keep it simple and decided on a papercut stencil style. I started by sketching a panda and the bear theme grew from there, after lots of internet searching and learning all about different bear species and classifications! I think animals are always appealing and bears can be either cute and cuddly or fierce and cranky so they appeal to everyone.

What’s your favourite Smiggle product?

I actually love the cardboard bears that sit on your desk and keep you company.

What do you think of the program?

As part of the collaboration prize I got 2 days work experience with the graphic design team at Smiggle. It was great to talk with them about the way they work and to work out how the bear hugs range would roll out across the full product range. I think the program is great, definitely mutually beneficial and a great experience for any graphic design student.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I would like to be working as a graphic designer in Melbourne, taking on even more interesting projects, collaborations and wild cards.

The 2012 graphic design collaboration with Smiggle is about to begin all over again., Have you got any hot tips for this year’s batch of RMIT students?

Go nuts! Don’t think too much about what will appeal to absolutely everyone, just go with something quirky that you are really excited about. It can be a really simple idea but executed with a really interesting illustration style. Plan how your design will work across all 5 colours from the very beginning too.

Support Jen and her range of designs by checking out Bear Hugs IN STORE NOW!

stretch your charitable bone!

Our good friends at the Foundation of Youth Development are at it again! Their biggest annual event is taking place this weekend at 6 beautiful locations throughout New Zealand, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world! Our teams are participating in the walk, to help raise money & awareness for disadvantaged kiwi kids, are you too?

Here’s what one of our keen Smigglers had to say about TBW last year!

Hi Larissa, why don’t you start by letting Smiglers know who you are and how you participated in The Big Walk last year!

Hi! I’ve been a Smiggle Store Manager since 2008 when Smiggle first opened in NZ. Last year Smigglers from my Lower Hutt store (and even a few of our Mums!) attended FYD’s Big Walk. We turned up in costume to show off our creative spirit and to ensure the 10KM walk was a colourful one.

What was your fave part about doing TBW last year?

It was an exciting experience from beginning to end! FYD put on a fun dance routine as a warm up exercise before the walk, there were challenging obstacles at various points along the way and the cheers and celebrations as we crossed the finish line from all those involved were just amazing to hear and see. We were so happy to know that we were helping Kiwi kids all around NZ, and having heaps of fun while doing it!

You have to tell us, what was the inspiration behind your outfit?

We wanted something fun, exciting and of course – colourful! A few of the Smigglers went as their favourite Smiggle character from the B2S range, and others, like myself, chose to represent their Colour Crew – I wore purple everything!

Ahh, so you’re a part of the Purple Crew! What’s your favourite purple Smiggle product?

The next goodie on my Wishlist is the Mirror Watch. The perfect answer to all my “I wonder what I look like right now” problems!

How are you going to leave your mark at FYD’s TBW this year?

We will be out this year with bigger and better outfits, and we’re hoping to create a chant to sing while we walk – We’d love for more Smiggle Fans to join us – so come represent your Colour Crew and help support FYD helping kiwi kids! See you there 🙂

Look out for Smiggle this year at the end of each walk. We’ll be there to give you a chance to leave your mark on the event and add a bit of colour to your day!

Can’t make it to a Big Walk? Don’t worry! FYD is also gratefully accepting donations that can be contributed directly to this amazing event! Jump onto our charity page to learn more about the ways you can help FYD!

And remember, everyone deserves a bright and colourful future!

eggcited for Easter?

Our new Colour Crews comp kicked off yesterday and it’s inspired by all things Easter! We’ve hopped about our home at and have hidden golden eggs throughout the pages, waiting for them to be discovered by some keen Easter Egg Hunters! Tune into our website and log into colour crews at 3pm (AEST) every day for a new and eggciting clue to help you find the golden egg for the day!

There’s a basket of prizes to be won each day, with a prize for the ‘First to Find’ and spot prizes too. You’ve got 41 days and 41 golden eggs to find… so get cracking!

Each egg you find will be added to your basket and also added to the tally for your colour crew! So rally the troops and do your bit for the crew cos’ the crew with the most eggs in their basket at the end of the comp will be awarded the ‘all together now’ award!

So want some handy tips to get you prepared for this eggstreme Easter Egg Hunt??

Before you start, make sure you hop over to our How To Play page, there’s three easy steps to get you on your hunting way!

–         If you’re on Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer v9 or up, simply drag and drop the Smiggle egg icon into your toolbar. (Hint! Make sure your browser toolbar is visible!)

–         For those of you who can’t ‘drag and drop’ the egg, try right clicking on it and ‘add to your favourites’.

–         Then hop over to the product page you think the clue is leading you to, click on the ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ icon in your toolbar, or open up your favourites tab and click away to see if you’ve found the day’s golden egg or won a prize.


Some of your fave Smiggle goodies will be included in the hunt! We’ve also got some new friends too like our cute new range called Bear Hugs! Keep an eye out for these guys later in the competition!

Each of our clues test your product knowledge of our Smiggle range so you can eggspect product images, word scrambles, equations and of course… codes!

Yesterday’s clue was a fun number/letter code, we had to get a pen and paper to scribble down the answer for this one!

If you’re still having trouble, have no fear, we’re here to help! Jump onto our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts on the day’s clue cos’ between us and the colour crews, you’ll have all the help you need!

It’s time to take home some eggstra special Easter treats!

pssst… can you keep a secret?

We’ve just got our hands on a brand new smiggle product that isn’t going to hit stores til later in the month (we love it when we get the first samples from the product team)

Check these pics out!

We reckon we have a very creative design team here at HQ, but with these new products  … it’s YOUR TURN! And so that’s exactly what we’re calling this range.

Design the colour scheme for your own pencil case. Play cards with a set that you created. Or run through the rain with your own artwork loud and proud on your umbrella.

Here’s us having a play…

HANDY TIP – The ‘Your Turn’ product range works best with permanent markers,.but with some expert testing from some of the HQ staff, we found some other tools to get the juices flowing!

Tools that we found worked best:

– For a quick dry scribble, try our inkball pens, they roll on smooth and dry super fast!

– To add a pop of brightness to the pencil case, our scented highlighters work a treat! Leave them to dry and they’ll make a vibrant statement… and with the added bonus of a sweet scent!

– For a more detailed line, our graphics markers are a must! These guys are available in store and are soon to be hitting our online shop, so keep an eye out!

Watch out for YOUR TURN hitting stores in March. Do you like?